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World Première of Formulino E
Friday, 17 March 2017 09:00

World Première of Formulino E - a Junior Electrical Single Seater.

Formulino-E---premiere-2017-03-15A consortium of Punch Powertrain, Dallara, Prospeed Engineering, ACT and HERONsports is proud to announce the unveiling of the first rolling prototype of a Junior Electrical Single Seater: Formulino E.
Objective is to reach industrialization by end 2017 and sell an affordable Junior Electrical Single Seater (target Price of 80.000 Euro) to racing schools and promotors of support races taking into account the growing interest for E-Racing at all levels and in all disciplines.

Formulino E is based on the well-known and proven Dallara lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis. A compact integration of battery and drivetrain developed by Punch Powertrain combined with the existing chassis results in a cost effective overall package.
The electric motor in this vehicle is a unique integrated concept with a switched reluctance machine operating at 660V. The current version delivers up to 120kW while next versions could deliver over 200kW within the same package. Combined with the low weight of just 600kg it offers quick acceleration and a top speed exceeding 200 kph.

Specification for Formulino E rolling demo

  • Electric Powertrain : EP2-R with 120kW
  •  Battery : 15kWh - 666V
  •  Vehicle weight : 600kg
  •  0 to 100 km/h : 4s
  •  Top speed : > 200 km/h

About the partners and their role in the project:

Punch Powertrain, headquartered in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, with a second R&D location in Eindhoven and with a production facility in Nanjing (China) offers a complete portfolio of powertrain solutions (conventional, hybrid and full electric) for the most popular passenger car segments. Punch Powertrain developed the main technical characteristics of the vehicle and its drive system (EP2-R) including the battery, electric motor, power electronics, vehicle controls, etc.

Dallara Automobili is world renowned for its specialty in designing, manufacturing, and developing racecars. The company’s success can be credited to its achievements in Sports Cars and single seater cars from the Formulino to F1, its acclaim with American IndyCars, its consultancy for major manufacturers, and its continued focus on technology and innovation. Dallara Automobili supplied a Formulino (Dallara F007 FIA F3 specifications until 2011) and technical coordination and support.

ProSpeed is one of Belgium’s leading racing teams. It has an impressive track record, with wins and titles throughout Europe. ProSpeed proposes a professional engineering force to meet any racetrack and competition demand, using its experience to take up new challenges. Prospeed Engineering provides logistic support and is future candidate for assembly and aftersales of Formulino E.

HERONsports is offering engineering services for racing and automotive projects and has more than 25 years’ experience in racing series by supporting factory teams - ranging from F1 to GT3 - with an impressive achievement of wins and tittles. As part of new IoT racing tools, HERONsports provides driver interface electronics using integral helmet head-up display, making its debut at Geneva.

ACT is involved in many E-activities ranging from E-MX, E-MTB X, E-Karting, E-Drift, EV Car Sharing, E-Mobility and ECAR Belgium. ACT coordinates and advises the consortium.

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