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Monday, 11 May 2015 07:54


ProSpeed NRF web-0302ZOLDER (BEL) – Marc Goossens has defended the colours of ProSpeed Competition, the team run by Luc Goris and Rudi Penders, more than once over the years. Who does not recall the excellent victory on the Nürburgring in the Blancpain Endurance Series in 2012 or the various participations of the Geelbased driver in the 24 Hours of Zolder and Spa behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 entered by the Limburg team. It was back in 2001 that the collaboration between Marc Goossens and Rudi Penders took off in a Porsche 911 as teammates in the legendary Belcar championship. 14 years ago the duo started their winning collaboration in the New Race Festival at Circuit Zolder and once again to recall this victory this weekend we saw Marc Goossens and Rudi Penders in a ProSpeed Competition Porsche 911 RS during the two races of the Supercar Challenge, in the context of the... New Race Festival at Circuit Zolder.

ProSpeed NRF web-0325The Supercar Challenge is an international competition, with mainly drivers and teams emanating from the Low Lands, split into three race categories. The Super GT, GT and GTB are obviously reserved for the GT machines, among which various Porsche 911. The calendar does not only boast races in Zandvoort, Assen, Spa and Zolder, but also a visit across the Channel to compete at the former F1 circuit at Brands Hatch. As such at Circuit Zolder ProSpeed Competition was on hand, with at the wheel of the Porsche 911 RS, Marc Goossens and Rudi Penders. For Rudi Penders it was a comeback, since his victory in the 24 Hours of Zolder back in 2009, at that time also with the very same Porsche. On Saturday the duo brought the Porsche home in 5th place, whilst on Sunday the Porsche crossed the line in 4th place.

Marc Goossens (Driver - #176 ProSpeed Porsche 911 RS)

ProSpeed NRF web-8320"What a brilliant idea of Rudi (Penders) and Luc (Goris) to do this. It was exactly 14 years ago, during the New Race Festival at Zolder, that we first raced together, in those days with an RTM Porsche 996 GT3-R, the car with which the team competed at Le Mans in 2000, with among others Rudi behind the wheel. At that time we won the first race in Zolder, after which we raced together during another two seasons, and in fact with the car we are competing with this weekend. Together we were champions in GTB in 2002. I did after that work with Rudi on various occasions, as driver, but more especially as team manager for his ProSpeed Competition team. Among others at Le Mans, but we also worked together in various other races. It goes without saying that after such a long collaboration you build up close ties, that are far deeper than pure professional, and this is why I am truly delighted with this initiative. Oh, and for the fans, we will also be competing together in the following round of the Supercar Challenge in Zolder."

Rudi Penders (Driver - #176 ProSpeed Porsche 911 RS)

"This is something different from standing back and working out a strategy based on the on-going race facts. I must admit that I needed to rediscover my rhythm during the first laps, especially after 6 years without competing. Quite obviously there is a historic component linked to our participation, but the Supercar Challenge is also a great competition for our car and the team. The calendar is well balanced, our car remains competitive and the diversity of the entrants' field is great. We can also enter our car – or other – for other drivers in the championship."

Luc Goris (Technical Manager ProSpeed Competition)

ProSpeed NRF web-8416"For one and all this participation was special, and that goes for the technical team also. This Porsche 911 RS Type 996 is actually almost home made. We further developed the car ourselves and it is a sort of driving laboratory for our team. With the Cup engine we rather lack power to play up front, but there must definitely be solutions for this!"



Race : New Race Festival – Round 1 & 2
Championship : Supercar Challenge powered by Pirelli
Date : May 9th & 10th 2015
Car : Porsche 911 RS #176
Crew : Marc Goossens (BEL – November 30th 1969) Rudi Penders (BEL – December 6th 1963)
Team partners : Porsche Genuine Parts – Michelin – Pagid – Facom – Air Liquide

Race results #1 - Saturday
1 RaceArt - R. Grouwels - Dodge Viper GT3-R/ SGT 36 laps
2 Shipex - SRT Team - VDierendonck-vHooydonk Corvette ZR1 GT1/ SGT at 0.09
3 BlueBerry Racing - B. van Elk - Mosler MT900R GT3/ SGT at 0.49
4 Day V-Tec - Max Koebolt - Volvo S60 V8/ SGT at 0.56
5 ProSpeed Competition - M. Goossens-R. Penders - Porsche 911 RS/ SGT at 1.00

Race results #2 - Sunday
1 Volvo Reede Racing - H. Zumbrink - Volvo S60 V8/ SGT 37 laps
2 Shipex SRT Team - VDierendonck-vHooydonk - Corvette ZR1 GT1/ SGT at 0.22
3 Radical Benelux - H. Thuis - Radical RXC 2.7 V8/ SGT at 1.41
4 ProSpeed Competition - M. Goossens-R. Penders - Porsche 911 RS/ SGT at 1 lap
5 Day V-TEC - Dontje-Kool - Corvette GT4/ GTB at 1 lap

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